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Am. J. Biomed. Sci. 2012, 4(1), 36-49; doi: 10.5099/aj120100036
Received: 16 August 2011; | Revised: 15 October 2011; | Accepted: 20 October 2011


Acute Effect of MCRC on Selected Blood Parameters - A Placebo-controlled Acute Clinical Study


Tania Reyes-Izquierdo1, Boris Nemzer2*, Qing Zhou1; Ruby Argumedo1, Cynthia Shu1, Roxanna Jimenez3, and Zbigniew Pietrzkowski1

1Applied BioClinical, Inc. (ABC), Irvine, CA, USA

2Department of Research and Development, FutureCeuticals, Inc., Momence, IL, USA

3NutraClinical, Inc., San Diego, CA, USA

*Corresponding author

Boris Nemzer

Director of Research and Development

FutureCeuticals, Inc.

Momence, IL, USA

Email: bnemzer@vandrunen.com



Acute clinical testing was performed on healthy human subjects to verify whether a single 150mg dose of a proprietary formula marketed under the trade name "MitochromaTM" (MCRC) can actually increase blood levels of ATP. Sera and blood were collected immediately prior to treatment and at times 30, 60, and 90 minutes after treatment to measure amounts of blood ATP, lactate, ROS, and pO2.  Additionally, whole blood was collected at 270 minutes after treatment to measure expression of selected cytokines and chemokines. In comparison to the placebo group, samples collected from subjects treated with MCRC showed increased levels of total blood ATP by 12.5% on average and reduced levels of lactate up to 13%. Blood levels of ROS and pO2 were found unchanged under these experimental conditions. Analyses of blood collected at 270 minutes showed reduced levels of MCP-1 by up to 21%, and increased levels of Interferon-alpha up to 16%. In summary, collected data shows that treatment with a single dose of MCRC resulted in an acute increase in blood levels of total blood ATP. These results justify further clinical studies on MCRC in order to determine the effects on a more narrowly selected subject population with reduced blood levels of ATP and increased blood levels of MCP-1.


Keywords: blood total ATP, blood lactate, blood ROS, acute clinical testing, oxygen metabolism, serum MCP-1, IFN-α.

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