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Am. J. Biomed. Sci. 2013, 5(1), 14-24; doi: 10.5099/aj130100014
Received:16 July2012; | Revised:18 September2012; | Accepted: 4 October 2012


Drug Delivery Stimulation by Alternating Current Using Methylene Blue Dye Absorption by Pig's Skin as a Model


Lobna A. Elnahas1, Mohamed A. Elblbesy1*,Youssef S Youssef 1, Thanaa E Shalaby1,

Mona A Yehia2

1Bio-Medical Physics Department, Medical Research institute, Alexandria University, Egypt.

2Histochemistry& Cell Biology Department, Medical Research institute, Alexandria University, Egypt.

*Corresponding Author:

Mohamed A. Elblbesy, Ph.D.

Bio-Medical Physics Department

Medical Research institute

Alexandria University

Alexandria, Egypt

Email: mimizizo@yahoo.com



       Pig skin has been studied as administration site of drug for its systemic effects, since systemic therapeutic agents can be delivered for long time with a controlled ratio, escaping from the first pass effect by liver through the transdermal delivery, which can decrease the drug dose. The low permeability of drug molecules through stratum corneum(SC) has been the limiting factor for developing transdermal delivery system of therapeutic agents. The aim of the present work is to study the enhancement of drug absorption by the skin using stimulating alternating current (AC).In our study stimulated voltage over range 6.5 V to 200 V had been used to enhancement the absorption of methylene blue (MB) with pig's skin. Our results showed that the highest MB concentration in tissue was (0.239±0.011) mg/g and lowest ohmic resistances (kΩ/cm) (3.15±0.223) for skin were obtained after skin stimulation with 12.5 V; these results had been confirmed using histochemistry study. Dielectric properties of skin in the range of 10 Hz- 100 KHz revealed change in the dielectric dispersion curves immediately after skin stimulation.

Keywords: Alternating current -Drug Delivery - Methylene Blue - Pig skin

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