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Am. J. Biomed. Sci. 2013, 5(1), 59-68; doi: 10.5099/aj130100059
Received:30 November 2012; | Revised:20 December 2012; | Accepted: 27 December 2012


The Third Generation Technology of Biorefining: Dawn


Zuolin Zhu

China Fuel (Huaibei) Bioenergy Technology Development Co., Ltd., Anhui, China;

Sun Pharmaceuticals, Inc., 13718 Sorbonne Ct., San Diego, CA, 92128, USA

*Corresponding author:

Zuolin Zhu

Sun Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

13718 Sorbonne Ct.

San Diego, CA, 92128


Email: zuolinzhu@yahoo.com



       The second-generation technologies of biorefining cannot overcome the profit obstacle. Compared with coal chemical processes or fermentation processes, these technologies have many drawbacks such as very low product yield, high energy consumption, and too much waste. The third-generation technology of biorefining can produce both liquid transportation fuels and chemicals in a way similar to that of petro-chemical process. Quantitative conversion and high product selectivity are the key characteristics of the third-generation technology of biorefining, and these novel processes are unfolding in front of us.

Keywords: biorefining, lignocellulose, petro-chemical, quantitative conversion.

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